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(2) JBL Professional IRX112BT Powered 12 Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Tripod Speaker Stands Package

(2) JBL Professional IRX112BT Powered 12 Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Tripod Speaker Stands Package

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Sound amazing with a custom, pro-grade custom, pro-grade components that are engineered to outperform larger competing systems. Real-world EQ presets let you dial in optimal tone in an instant—no experience necessary—and built-in dbx DriveRack automatic feedback suppression lets you crank it up with confidence. Play music, soundtracks and backing tracks with Bluetooth audio streaming, and ensure your voice carries over background music with one-touch ducking. Two mic/line combo inputs and an XLR loop-out round out this lightweight, durable PA. Performers, content producers, fitness instructors and presenters on the go can count on the versatile, full-featured IRX112BT to serve up stunning, pro-quality sound, every time. The IRX112BT draws from seven decades of legendary JBL engineering to deliver the highest measured volume and the widest frequency response in its class, with SPL, wattage and performance ratings equivalent to larger competitive loudspeakers. Bluetooth 5 audio streaming lets you play backing tracks, video soundtracks or recorded music between sets—even link two speakers to create a true stereo image. Two XLR/TRS combo inputs and an XLR pass-thru output to connect additional speakers round out I/O options. Like every JBL speaker, the IRX112BT undergoes 100 hours of stress testing to ensure itll perform flawlessly in real-world conditions. Sound your best in seconds with real-world EQ presets modeled after a range of common performance scenarios. Built-in dbx feedback suppression protects speakers—and your ears—by automatically stopping feedback before it starts. One-touch, Soundcraft-designed ducking automatically lowers music volume when speech input is detected, ensuring every word is heard loud and clear. The IRX112BT is engineered to deliver big-system sound in a compact footprint. Its ultra-lightweight, durable polypropylene cabinet will have you loading in and out in minutes, and ergonomic handles make transport a breeze. In short, youll enjoy big, crystal-clear sound without the hassle of hauling a huge system. JBL Professional IRX112BT 12 Speaker Features: Big Sound, Small Box - Class-leading output and frequency response in a compact design. Bluetooth 5 Audio Streaming - Easy pairing and audio streaming from a Bluetooth device. Feedback Suppression - dbx Automatic Feedback Suppression for trouble-free operation. EQ Presets - Four selectable EQ presets to easily tune the speaker for a range of applications. Music Ducking - Soundcraft-designed ducking automatically attenuates music when speech is detected. Four real-world EQ presets take the guesswork out of optimizing sound. dbx AFS stops feedback before it starts. Bluetooth integration allows stereo streaming of music, soundtracks and backing tracks. One-touch ducking automatically lowers music volume when speech input is detected. Wide frequency response: 53 Hz – 20 kHz. Lightweight design. Wattage: 1300W. 2 XLR/TRS combo input jacks and 1 XLR out offer a range of connectivity choices. Input accepts mic or line source to enhance versatility. Ergonomic handles make transport quick and easy. Durable honeycomb steel grille is road-tested for reliability. Built-in pole mount expands system set-up options. Applications MUSICIANS/PERFORMERS: Musicians and performers looking for a great-sounding, easy-to-use sound reinforcement speaker in a portable, affordable package. PRESENTERS/INSTRUCTORS: Mobile presenters and fitness instructors looking for an easy-to-use, compact PA solution with Bluetooth audio and built-in music ducking. HOSPITALITY/GOVERNMENT INSTALLATIONS: Hospitality/government installations requiring professional sound quality with ease of use and minimal setup time.

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